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-Studio Piña makes games and animation-


Studo Piña's currently hard at work to bring you the best, most original games to your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

*Latest News*

Studio Piña is proud to present Puzzah! hooray for puzzles!
Puzzah! takes the classic sliding tile puzzle and brings it into the 21st century with an exciting match 3 twist! Not only that, but Puzzah! features massive combos, power up's, and the excitement of Fever Mode. And best of all, It's FREE!
Puzzah!       Puzzah!

Nam-Cap, now available for iOS!
Nam-Cap is a "Bizarro World" version of Pac-Man, where you fill a maze with dots while kissing kings! Try it out, it's FREE!
Nam-Cap       Nam-Cap

Ba-Bomb! is now FREE!
Ba-Bomb! will provide you with hours of bomb blowing enjoyment. Touch bombs to make them explode, chain react and fire up connecting bombs to create huge explosive combos! And best of all, it's now FREE!
Kikori   Kikori